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What is an Innovation Camp?

During this project-based, intensive learning experience, students engage in and apply entrepreneurial and collaborative 21st century learning by solving challenges within the community. Pupils/students work in groups with their classmates and participate in brainstorming, idea generation, and ice-breaking techniques and exercises.


All teams will be presented with the same real challenge. The goal is to find a creative and innovative solution to the challenge presented. There will be a limited amount of time to draft a concept and presentation that illustrates each team's proposed solution. Teams will have access to business volunteers, who mentor and guide the students through the process of forming an achievable and realistic solution to the challenge. Teams will need to apply entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to arrive at their final solution. Teams will then present their solution before a panel of judges.

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What does the Innovation Camp App do?

The IC-app will give the students information about the partner and challenge and is designed to give them a good learing experience. It's organised into fases and steps guiding the students through the prosess. Input from the teams are collected into a summary which helps the team making a great pitch to the jury. Jury, mentors and teachers can observe the groups prosess and guide them if nessecary.

Each and every camp can be specially designed by the teacher together with JA so that partners, challenges, steps cand fases can be altered.

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Teacher and Project Leader Erasmus+:
Eline Hjelle,

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Europe: Jarle Tømmerbakke,

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